Monday, January 28, 2008

We love this blog!

No, not ours... This one:  AustinTowers.  It's chock-full of incredibly useful info on all of the downtown condo developments.  And on the main part of their site they have a comprehensive list of ALL of the developments, past and present, with profiles, MLS listings, rankings (guess what the highest price per sq. ft. is gonna be?  $625/sq. ft.!), and lots more (we had to stop, we were getting too excited. :) 
It's serious, factual and informative.  We don't intend to be factual -- er, we mean serious -- here at Austin Condo Hell, so we recommend AustinTowers very highly...

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Thanks for your support and good luck with the new blog!

- Paul D'Arcy, Editor, AustinTowers